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Jon Voight and Mariya Gabriel at the award ceremony

Jon Voight receives the Bulgarian Consul's Special Award in Los Angeles

Hollywood actor Jon Voight has been bestowed with the Special Award of ‎the Consul of Bulgaria in the USA during the ceremony where the ‎awards for education, science, art and culture of the BgFACE ‎Foundation were handed out. As the awards are..

02.11.23 21:30 |

Bulgarian community in the Greater Washington, D.C., area is united across distances

We share a common sadness for our homeland, says Prof. Dr. Assen Asenov, who lives in Washington, DC, and who has dedicated himself to the study of Bulgarians abroad. After the democratic changes in Bulgaria, the wave of immigrants to America brought..

18.10.23 14:02 |

May 24 is declared Bulgarian Cultural Heritage Day in Las Vegas

The Bulgarian community in Las Vegas gathered for a big festive gathering in ‎‎Bruce Trent Park on May 21, with which they celebrated in advance the Day of ‎the Holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and ‎culture, and of..

24.05.23 11:06 |

Bulgarians in Moldova want a designated policy for ethnic minorities

Fleeing from Ottoman rule, more than two centuries ago, thousands of Bulgarians emigrated to Moldova where their descendants still jealously guard the Bulgarian language, traditions, culture, and even recipes from the Bulgarian cuisine. According to..

02.05.23 13:19 |

We must preserve the bond with our students around the world, say Bulgarian teachers from Ukraine

Pain, fatigue, uncertainty and fear for tomorrow. This bitter cocktail of emotions is what the citizens who have not been able to leave the Russian-occupied territories since the start of the war in Ukraine a year ago live with. These include..

15.03.23 07:25 |

Why it is so important to invest in the Bulgarian communities abroad

Born in Plovdiv at the dawn of the transition to democracy in Bulgaria, 1994, Alexander Detev grew up in Sofia, where, in 2013 he graduated from the German language school, and then left for Vienna. There, he graduated “Journalism and communications”,..

14.03.23 10:53 |