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European Week of Sport urges Bulgarians to #BeActive

Under the motto "All together for sport" , the Ministry of Youth and Sports is organising a European Week of Sport #BeActive. The official opening of its ninth edition will take place today at 6 PM in front of the capital's National Palace of Culture...

23.09.23 07:10 |

Farmers remain near Sofia, still ready to protest

The tractors of protesting farmers will not enter Sofia, the chairman of the National Association of Grain Producers, Iliya Prodanov, has told BNR. However, producers dissatisfied with the policy in agriculture remain near the..

20.09.23 08:45 |
Ukrainian refugees in Burgas.

Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv are the cities with the largest number of Ukrainian refugees, survey shows

70% of all Ukrainian refugees residing in Bulgaria are women. 28% of are under the age of 14. 70% have higher education.   The number of accompanied children is between 48 and 55 thousand , while the number of unaccompanied children is around 500...

19.09.23 15:39 |

Sofia municipality allows up to 80 tractors to protest in the city on September 20

About 600 tractors remained near the entrance of Sofia close to Dolni Bogrov during the second day of protests of farmers. The chairman of the National Association of Grain Producers, Iliya Prodanov, said that their "most..

19.09.23 11:26 |
Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova

Yordanka Fandakova: Sofia is a community of dignified and free people

"Over the last four years, we have gone through many severe crises - from a global pandemic, through huge inflation, refugee waves, to political instability. As a local authority, we stood firm and did not allow the major crises to turn into crises of..

17.09.23 12:33 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Holy Martyrs Sophia, Vyara, Nadezhda and Lyubov

On September 17, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the Holy Martyrs Sophia, Vyara, Nadezhda and Lyubov ( Wisdom, Faith, Hope and Love). The legend has it that Sophia and her three daughters were subjected to terrible torture by Emperor..

17.09.23 10:41 |

All that Circus - an exhibition recalls the golden times of the Bulgarian circus

A model of the emblematic building of the Sofia State Circus, which generations of Bulgarians no longer remember because it was destroyed in a fire exactly 40 years ago, is placed in the center.  This is also the reason for the current..

17.09.23 10:08 |
Haralampi Tachev (1875-1944) was 25 years old when he designed the coat of arms of Sofia from 1900.

Haralampi Tachev - the artist who knew how to turn Sofia into a beautiful capital

Rich ornamentation, exquisite design and attention to detail are the hallmarks of the facades and interior decoration of the few surviving public buildings built at the turn of the last century. Any resident of Sofia would immediately recognise the..

17.09.23 07:35 |

Bulgarian capital Sofia celebrates its day with a festive programme

On September 17, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the holy martyrs Faith, Hope and Love and their mother Sofia, and on this day the capital of Bulgaria also celebrates its feast day.  Today's festivities begins with a solemn water service and..

17.09.23 06:40 |

Installation with Sofia’s most emblematic symbols welcomes tourists at Sofia airport

In the spirit of the saying, popular in Bulgaria, that “people are judged by their clothes when they come and by their minds when they go”, and on the eve of the Day of Sofia, 17 September, a team of urban enthusiasts decided to clad Bulgaria’s..

17.09.23 06:30 |
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