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The parents of 1 in 4 children work abroad

One in four Bulgarian children are growing up without their parents because they are working abroad, MEP Petar Vitanov stated during a conference dedicated to the social consequences of European mobility and the children who get left at home. Vitanov..

29.11.23 11:28 |

More than 40% of children born in Dupnitsa will start first grade in a new country

More and more residents of Dupnitsa who work outside the country are enrolling their children to study abroad, reports BNR correspondent Kiril Falin. Of the 378 children born in 2016 in Dupnitsa, Kyustendil district, 153 will study abroad. This was..

09.04.23 16:51 |

MRF is the undisputed winner among Bulgarians abroad

With 99,86% of the protocols of the polling stations counted outside the country , the Movement for Rights and Freedoms - MRF won the most votes. They received 62,906 ballots or 36.86% of the votes abroad.  According to the Central Election..

03.04.23 13:50 |

Nenka Rashkova about living abroad and her hobby that lends colour to her life

She holds two jobs, has a husband, a child and a dog – that is what life is like for Nenka Rashkova in Germany. Like most Bulgarians living abroad, the young family decided to leave Bulgaria for very prosaic reasons: “We left four years ago..

29.03.23 11:06 |
Rositsa Mateva

There will be more staff to receive the tally sheets from the polling stations abroad

Conditions have been created to facilitate the process of registration of the vote for parliament abroad , Rositsa Mateva, Deputy chair of the Central Election Commission (CEC) says. In an interview with Radio Bulgaria, she explained that to avoid..

24.03.23 09:37 |

Bulgarian overseas voters can register now

The electronic platform of the Central Election Commission (CEC) for submitting applications for voting abroad is now open. Citizens will be able to register to vote abroad until 7 March here .  Voters should fill in their full name, personal..

18.02.23 11:23 |

30,000 applications for voting abroad have so far been admitted, 17,000 of them in Turkey

The deadline for submission of applications for voting in the 2 October election for parliament abroad expires on 6 September. For now, the number of polling stations that will open outside Bulgaria is 750. Depending on the number of..

04.09.22 12:02 |
Sofia airport

More than 500,000 Bulgarians travelled abroad in December

Despite the grim epidemic situation, in December 2021 foreign travel by Bulgarians stood at 104.5% compared to registered travel in December 2020, indicate latest National Statistical Institute data, according to which a total of 551,000 Bulgarians..

28.01.22 14:34 |

Voter turnout at polling stations abroad

Voter turnout among Bulgarians in France has declined considerably compared to the turnout during the first round of the presidential election last Sunday. Once again, 18 polling stations have been set up there. There are no queues in front of..

21.11.21 18:40 |

Fewer and fewer people want to study abroad

Fewer and fewer Bulgarian diplomas are being certified for studying at universities abroad, the Ministry of Education says. 1,536 out of all people who graduated last year have been given an apostille on their secondary education..

24.09.21 14:00 |
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