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Based on the idea of Hristo Botev, Bulgarians in London publish "Historical Compendium of Mathematics"

Bulgarians in London have published a "Historical Compendium of Mathematics" . The initiators say they were inspired by the idea of national hero Hristo Botev, which for various reasons never saw the light of day. The textbook was first presented at the..

28.01.24 08:35 |

Charity dinner for the Bulgarian church "St. John of Rila" in London

Charity evening in support of the construction of the new Bulgarian Orthodox Church "St. John of Rila" in London took place in London, the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has reported. The sum of £140,000 was raised for..

21.01.24 11:35 |

Construction of the first Bulgarian church in London under way

The construction of the first Bulgarian Orthodox church in London named after Saint Ivan Rilski  is progressing . To date, only the Bulgarian Orthodox community does not have its own church in the United Kingdom. Construction begins of a new..

08.01.24 10:20 |

Government to provide funds to complete reconstruction of Bulgarian Orthodox Church in London

State support for the Western and Central European Diocese will continue , it was announced after the meeting of Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov with His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony of Western and Central Europe. "We appreciate what you are doing. The..

09.12.23 11:43 |

Construction begins of a new Bulgarian Orthodox church in London

A Bulgarian Orthodox church, honouring St. John of Rila, will be built in London on the spot where there now is a chapel on the territory of the Bulgarian embassy. At an event organized by the Bulgarian embassy, which brought together members..

07.11.23 14:00 |

Bulgaria promoted as cultural and wine tourism destination at World Travel Market in London

Bulgaria is presented as a year-round tourist destination during the 43rd edition of the World Travel Market (WTM) – a leading international tourism exhibition, which takes place from November 6 to 8, 2023 in London. This..

07.11.23 11:15 |

London-based court charges five Bulgarians with espionage for Russia

The five Bulgarians convicted in Great Britain of espionage for the benefit of Russia remain in prison. Orlin Rusev, Biser Dzhambazov, Katrin Ivanova, Ivan Stoyanov and Vanya Gaberova were today charged with conspiracy to commit espionage,..

26.09.23 15:31 |
Sofia City Prosecutor's Office

SANS and prosecutor’s office have been investigating the three Bulgarians arrested in London for spying since March, prosecutor’s office says

Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry is following developments in connection with the arrest, in the UK, of three Bulgarian nationals for spying for Russia, the Foreign Ministry says. Three Bulgarians suspected of spying for Russia have been..

16.08.23 09:26 |

There will be a Bulgarian rose garden in Bromley, London

A project envisages the creation of a Bulgarian rose garden in Bromley in London, the Bulgarians in London website writes. It is a follow-up of the initiative for creating Bulgarian rose gardens in London which started with the garden in..

08.08.23 16:16 |

“Newer time Bulgarians” or how amateur enthusiasts in London interpret classical Bulgarian works on stage

We may not know how many Bulgarians there are living in London, but they must run to tens of thousands because every time the amateur comedy company “The Bulgarians” put on a show, the hall is full. It was founded by enthusiasts, Bulgarian expats,..

25.07.23 13:48 |
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