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''Me and You''

Daniela Petkova and Yulia Dimitrova are two sisters who grew up in a family of musicians. They took the path of music at an early age. Daniela also plays the saxophone. Since 1999, we know them as Duet Mania. Shortly after, they became licensed..

17.04.24 12:45 |

Guitarist Angel Demirev presents original music at a concert in Plovdiv

Angel Demirev is a guitarist whose music intertwines ethnic motifs not only from Bulgaria, not just from the Balkans, but also from distant countries and cultures. According to him, it is a matter of communication with the instrument. Although his..

16.04.24 13:19 |

Miro - ''Byagame''

The past year was more than successful for Miro - among the accomplished projects are the singer's sold-out music tour, as well as his hits album entitled "46". On April 17, he is to hold a grand concert at the Arena Sofia Hall. Expectations are..

15.04.24 10:12 |

More than 1,000 performers of Strandzha folklore take part in the competition "With the Songs of Zlatka Stavreva"

The second edition of the National Folklore Competition "With the Songs of Zlatka Stavreva" brings together over 1,000 performers, the organizers said. During the weekend, on April 13 and 14, performers of various ages will compete at the NHK Cultural..

13.04.24 09:15 |

New song from the Singing Artists Project

The newest 36th song in a row from the "Singing Artists" project of producer Igor Markovski is titled „ Kak Mrazya “ ("How I Hate"). The singer, Mariana Popova, is among the constellation of popular faces from the Bulgarian..

09.04.24 11:48 |

Talented Bulgarian girl with great success at international piano competitions

A 9-year-old Bulgarian girl from Montana has brought glory to the country at a piano competition in Singapore. Young pianists from Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Greece, Japan, China, Indonesia and India were among the participants...

07.04.24 09:15 |

Access to several Bulgarian websites blocked temporarily over copyright

In an operation for preventing the illegal use of music, the Cybercrime department of the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime has blocked access to 12 websites subject to copyright and related rights, the Ministry of Interior has