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“Newer time Bulgarians” or how amateur enthusiasts in London interpret classical Bulgarian works on stage

We may not know how many Bulgarians there are living in London, but they must run to tens of thousands because every time the amateur comedy company “The Bulgarians” put on a show, the hall is full. It was founded by enthusiasts, Bulgarian expats,..

25.07.23 13:48 |

An English play tells about the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews

The Edinburgh International Theatre Festival is an annual event held since ‎‎1947 in the last three weeks of August. It features some of the best artists in the ‎performing arts. An occasion to pay attention to this year's edition are... ‎important pages..

21.06.23 13:35 |
Ivan Radoev theatre in Pleven

Play bringing together actors from Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia and Romania premieres in Pleven

“The miracle of St. George”, a play which is a Balkan co-production, is to have its premiere at the  Ivan Radoev theatre in Pleven on 28 and 29 June. The director is from Serbia, the actors are from Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia and..

28.06.21 10:46 |
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