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Political 2023 – dynamic year full of compromises

Extremely dynamic in political terms, with a sense of infinite tolerance on the part of society for the mistakes of the rulers. This is how year 2023 generally looks through the eyes of political scientists Sergey Petrov and Svetlin..

19.12.23 14:07 |

Former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev enters politics

Former chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev has announced that he is creating a movement called "Justice for Bulgaria". "Decisions about the fate of Bulgaria are dictated by foreign corporate interests. No one thinks about Bulgaria and the..

04.07.23 15:20 |

Cracks in the government do not yet herald new elections

The past week offered us another dose of instability both in terms of weather and the political atmosphere in Bulgaria. At the backdrop of heavy rains, flooded villages and human powerlessness in the face of natural disaster, a wave..

26.06.23 14:15 |

Bulgarian society has critically low trust in state institutions: poll

One third of Bulgarians approve of Nikolay Denkov's cabinet, 43% disapprove. In 3 months, the positive assessment of the president's work has dropped by 7% from 43 to 36 percent. 51% are dissatisfied with the Bulgarian head of state, according to a..

21.06.23 10:35 |

Procedure for dismissal of Prosecutor General - the ball is now in the President's court

With 16 votes "for" and 4 "against", the Supreme Judicial Council removed Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev from office. The decision has no previous analogue in this country and was reached after a debate and hearings of witnesses in..

13.06.23 13:05 |

PP co-chairman Kiril Petkov questioned in Prosecutor's Office

"I believe in the power of real justice, I believe in the standard procedures of parliament and I hope that by following them we will achieve real justice. We shall not allow the prosecution to be used as a bludgeon." This was what..

31.05.23 18:45 |

A government with the second mandate – a possibility yet full of misgivings

The political conundrum in which Bulgaria finds itself is becoming more and more insolvable, as the way out of the political crisis, which has been going on for two years now, seems to be receding again. Additional fuel was added to the fire..

30.05.23 13:37 |
Radostin Vasilev

MP who released scandalous recordings says he fears for his life

Radostin Vasilev, the MP from the coalition "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria", who published a scandalous recording of a meeting of "We Continue the Change", has told BNT that he fears for his life and that he is under..

29.05.23 14:48 |

Kiril Petkov: Spreading of recordings aimed to stop cabinet formation is the work of pro-Russian forces

PP-DB co-chairman Kiril Petkov defined the recording published by MP Radostin Vassilev as a clear attack aimed to sabotage the formation of a government. Petkov told journalists that what happened was an active operation conducted by..

26.05.23 17:25 |
Andrey Gyurov

The two biggest parliamentary forces discuss governance program in different sectors

The parliamentary groups of GERB-SDS and We Continue the Change-DB hold informal discussions on policies in different sectors. "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" will not respond to the requests of..

27.04.23 11:18 |
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