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Singer Yanitsa Kaneva and her solo debut

We know Yanitsa Kaneva from her successful participation in the show "The Voice of Bulgaria" in 2023, where she reached the semi-finals. She was born in 1990 in a family of musicians, who introduced her to the world of music from an..

21.02.24 11:11 |

"Universe" - an intimate moment Grafa shares with the audience

After Vladi Ampov - Grafa presented a spectacular concert at the Vasil Levski National Stadium on the last day of September, his new single " Vselena" (Universe) has been recently released. The video to the song has captured impressive footage..

23.10.23 15:46 |

Kris Gran presents his debut album in Sofia

One of the most lyrical young singers in Bulgarian pop music, Kris Gran, is now ready with his long-awaited debut album. It is called "Two Hearts" and the songs included in it are dedicated to love. This evening singer and songwriter..

18.10.23 12:14 |

Rushi Vidinliev and his new summer hit

Popular Bulgarian singer and actor Rushi Vidinliev is back with a new song. The summer hit, " Oshte malko " was composed by Denis Popstoev and Rushi himself. The song was arranged by Denis as the lyrics by Rushi. Rushi  is one of the most iconic..

22.08.23 18:15 |

"Samo ti" – a summer gift from Mihaela Marinova

The summer continues with a new gift from Mihaela Marinova to music fans. She brings us "Samo ti" – a happy and energetic song created by the singer's creative tandem with Pavell. The song is a celebration of love, friendship and..

01.08.23 12:19 |

Pop singer Georgi Hristov celebrates 40 years on stage with "Two Kisses" and more new tracks

This year Georgi Hristov, one of Bulgarian pop music's most beautiful voices, celebrates 40 years on stage. Those 4 extremely successful decades were filled with awards, concerts on several continents, and about as many as 20 albums. In..

20.05.22 13:09 |

Bilyana Angelova: In these dark times we must seek for an impact on a deeper, brighter and more virtuous level

In the last few years we have more and more often started to associate the name of Bilyana Tchokoeva-Angelova with the beautiful videos to her beautiful songs. The performers who present them are among the most famous and beloved Bulgarian..

27.03.22 13:15 |

Mihail Belchev celebrates birth anniversary on his name day

Mihail Belchev is among the most popular and beloved artists in Bulgaria’s pop music. He is a poet, a singer and an author of dozens of music hits. In August, Mihail Belchev turned 75.He marks his birth anniversary with a concert at Hall 1 at..

08.11.21 12:27 |

110 years since the birth of composer Yosif Tsankov

The very first years in the history of the popular music genre in this country, the first national basketball teams (both male and female), the first gramophone records, made in Bulgaria are all connected with one name – Yosif Tsankov. He is also..

07.11.21 08:00 |

Bulgaria Today – July 29, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Thursday, July 29 we bring you first the latest news stories from this country. Next on the show, we tell you more about the life of a young woman from Slovakia who found happiness in Bulgaria. At the end, we bring you new..

29.07.21 18:00 |
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