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52% of Bulgarians support a cabinet headed by Nikolay Denkov and Mariya Gabriel

52% Bulgarians would vote for a cabinet headed by rotating premiers Mariya Gabriel and Nikolay Denkov, indicate data of an express poll conducted by Alpha Research Agency. The survey was commissioned by the BNT.  35% of the respondents would vote..

06.06.23 10:08 |

Sova Harris survey: Six formations to enter new Parliament

Six political formations will most likely enter parliament after the upcoming elections on April 2, a nationally representative poll conducted by “Sova Harris” show. The coalition GERB-SDS is supported by 25.9% of the respondents. The coalition We..

27.03.23 11:59 |

Two coalitions are neck and neck in Gallup International opinion poll

The coalitions We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria and GERB-SDS would earn 27.2% and 26.6% of the votes if elections were held now, a survey of electoral attitudes, conducted by Gallup International shows. The survey which was..

10.03.23 16:23 |

Survey: 44% of Bulgarians are ready to vote on April 2

  President Rumen Radev has an approval rating of 39% and a disapproval rating of 41%, according to data from a survey conducted by Market Links, commissioned by bTV. People’s trust in Bulgaria’s head of state decreased by more than 10%. According to..

14.02.23 19:41 |

Survey: Bulgarians prefer security to democracy

Security is more important to Bulgarians than freedom and democracy, indicates a survey by Research Center Trend. The survey was conducted in October 2022 and was   commissioned by INTERIMAGE PR & Corporate Communications Agency and Interpartners..

29.01.23 15:17 |

Survey: Approval rating of Bulgaria’s Parliament plummets to new low

51% of Bulgarians believe that the political responsibility will lie with all political parties, and Bulgaria’s President, if the country’s Parliament fails to elect a regular cabinet, shows a new survey conducted by Market Links. The poll was..

30.12.22 11:43 |

Survey: Bulgarians buy less because of higher prices, only 11% are optimistic

78% of Bulgarians expect financial difficulties in 2023 , indicate data of a national survey on economic attitudes, conducted by Research Center Trend. 77% of the respondents buy less household goods due to high prices. 73% buy less clothes. 56% buy..

12.10.22 10:40 |

Alpha Research: GERB would earn the highest number of votes if elections were held today

GERB party would earn the highest number of votes if general elections were held today, indicates a survey of Alpha Research agency conducted before July 1. GERB would earn 21.5% of the votes. "We Continue the Change" is second with 20.2%. The..

06.07.22 11:36 |

8 formations would enter Parliament if elections were now: Trend

8 political formations would enter the Parliament if elections were held today, indicates a sociological survey by Trend agency, commissioned by 24 Chassa newspaper. 19% of the respondents assess positively the work of the National Assembly, down..

16.05.22 10:08 |

Two-thirds of Bulgarians approve of sanctions against Russia: survey

63% of Bulgarians support the European Union's common policy relating to the war in Ukraine. 32% of the respondents are against, data of an express survey, conducted by Alpha Research agency and the Bulgarian National Television on February 28 th ,..

01.03.22 11:47 |
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