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Military exhibition in Varna traces Bulgaria’s relations with Turkey, Russia and Germany

At the Naval Museum in Varna, Defence Minister Todor Tagarev opened the exhibition Enemy/Friend , revealing the complex puzzle of Bulgaria’s military and political relations with Turkey, Russia and Germany, which are key to the history of the..

11.11.23 12:47 |

The Sofia Opera impresses the German audience with its production of Wagner's Valkyrie

With a quarter of an hour of applause finished the first performance of Richard Wagner's Valkyrie at the Königswinkel Music Festival in Füssen, Germany, near Neuschwanstein Castle by the Sofia National Opera.   Sofia National Opera presents..

02.10.23 09:11 |

Accordionist Veronika Todorova - on the journey back home and concert life in Bulgaria

An outstanding Bulgarian woman, musician and virtuoso accordion performer has come back home, bringing all her concert activities to her homeland. This is Veronika Todorova, who for nearly 20 years has been building a successful career as a conductor..

01.10.23 09:05 |
Press conference by Vazrazhdane at the National Assembly, 30 June, 2023

Vazrazhdane wants Bulgaria’s foreign ministry to summon Germany’s ambassador over North Macedonia

In a parliamentary declaration, the nationalist party Vazrazhdane demanded that Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel summon Germany’s ambassador to Bulgaria for consultations on North Macedonia over the words by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, at a..

30.06.23 11:45 |

Bavarian representation in Bulgaria gives out business awards for 11th time

More than 940 Bavarian companies with more than 260 representative offices and branches develop production and commercial activities in Bulgaria. From a commercial and economic point of view, Bavaria is the most important German federal province for..

16.06.23 08:56 |

Exhibition of Bulgarian artist Branimir Georgiev to open in Hamburg

Bulgarian artist Branimir Georgiev will unveil an exhibition entitled "Something new in the north" in the German city of Hamburg on May 2. The exposition will be arranged in the premises of Haspa, Harburg, Sand 1.  The opening is at 18.00 local..

01.05.23 11:35 |

Nenka Rashkova about living abroad and her hobby that lends colour to her life

She holds two jobs, has a husband, a child and a dog – that is what life is like for Nenka Rashkova in Germany. Like most Bulgarians living abroad, the young family decided to leave Bulgaria for very prosaic reasons: “We left four years ago..

29.03.23 11:06 |

Courage is still in short supply in Bulgaria

Bulgarians abroad have long shown a keen interest in their homeland. On the one hand, they left their relatives and friends and they are not indifferent to their situation here, while on the other - many have plans to return to..

27.03.23 14:30 |

Turkey - most preferred partner for Bulgarian business

Germany has lost its former leading position as the most preferred business partner for Bulgarian companies , according to a recent survey by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  The leading position is now held by Turkey, Bulgaria's..

26.03.23 08:05 |
Petar Simeonov

Candies with Bulgarian rose petals will tempt consumers in the Czech Republic

Lavender and rose water, rose petals and cosmetic products from Bulgaria caused a real sensation at the International Green Week Berlin , which took place at the beginning of the year. It was there that the company of the Bulgarian rose grower Petar..

17.03.23 16:54 |
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