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Бургас ще е домакин на състезание по художествена гимнастика за хора над 50

Бургас ще е домакин на престижното международно състезание по художествена гимнастика за хора над 50 години 9th Golden Age Gym Festival. То ще се проведе от 22 до 27 септември 2024 година. Тече процес на организация на международния форум. В..

07.02.23 13:26 |

Golden Age Award puts spotlight on talented cultural figures days before May 24

On the eve of the most Bulgarian and culturally significant holiday –the Day of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture, celebrated on May 24, the Ministry of Culture with Minister Boil Banov, awarded the Golden Age State Award to..

22.05.18 17:11 |

Playwright Stefan Tsanev refuses "Golden Age" state award

In a letter to the Bulgarian Minister of Culture, Vezhdi Rashidov, eminent poet, writer and playwright, Stefan Tsanev, thanked for the attention he received but refused to accept the "Golden Age" award which had to be presented on January 10 on the..

09.01.17 15:00 |
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