Head of National Assembly, President and PM convey Easter greetings to Bulgarian nation

National Assembly President Iva Miteva extended greetings to Orthodox Christians with the words: “The Resurrection of Christ is a celebration of good and life, of joy and of hope, of light and of faith. Let there be peace and prosperity in your..

02.05.21 11:00 |

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter

Orthodox Christians are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, a symbol of the triumph over evil and death. Metropolitan bishop of Vratsa Grogoriy brought the Holy Fire to the St. Alexander cathedral where he conducted Easter..

02.05.21 10:33 |

Orthodox Christians mark Holy Saturday today

The Orthodox Christians mark Holy Saturday today- the last day of the Holy Week. It commemorates the day that Jesus’s body lay in the tomb and the Harrowing of Hell. Today, priests change alter cloths and vestments from dark to bright which..

18.04.20 10:13 |

Bright Week follows Resurrection of Christ

The second day of the Resurrection of Christ marks the beginning of the Bright Week or Renewal Week in Orthodox Christianity. The week is called bright because the Resurrection of Christ brings enlightenment to all people. The Bright Week continues until..

17.04.17 10:39 |

В NO LIMIT силата на духа в новата музика на Anastacia и концертен афиш с пловдивски акцент

В рубриката "БГ ПОСТЕР" ще ви информираме за актуалните концертни събития. Едно от тях е израз на любовта към приятел в беда. След две много успешни събития, съучениците на Кари отново организират концерт за да я подкрепят.  През изминалия уикенд..

05.06.14 10:54 |
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