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Daga vocal studio celebrates 30th anniversary with a concert

Daga (rainbow) vocal studio is to have a concert on 30 March, dedicated to three anniversaries – the 30 th anniversary of the musical formation, the 40 th anniversary of Snezhana Polihronova-Karnolsky’s creative work, and the 50 th..

29.03.24 07:35 |

Bulgarian School Gergana in NY celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Bulgarian community in the Northeast of the United States traditionally marks May 24, the Day of the Slavic Alphabet and of Bulgarian Education and Culture, with a series of concerts . The celebrations will be even more festive for the Bulgarian..

27.03.24 16:30 |

I Just Love You: Duo SHIK invites the Sofia audience on a melodic journey

The duo Shik have won a place in the hearts of their fans with their beautiful music - many of their melodious songs have become hits.  The author of Shik's music is Krasimir Gulmezov - an established composer, arranger, instrumentalist and duet..

26.03.24 08:05 |
Мирослава Кацарова и Мирослав Турийски

From Here to Eternity with Miroslava Katsarova and Miroslav Turiyski

From Here to Eternity will take us singer Miroslava Katsarova and Miroslav Turiyski - pianist, composer and arranger and the BNR Big Band in their concert on 21st March at 19:00 in Studio 1 of the Radio. The concert will be conducted by Antoni..

21.03.24 08:05 |
The Symphony Orchestra of the BNR

BNR Symphony Orchestra cancels today’s concert

To honour the memory of His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte, the Bulgarian National Radio has cancelled the concert of its Symphony Orchestra scheduled for today. The concert Live Art which was to take place in Bulgaria Hall today, was to..

15.03.24 10:29 |

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and Quarto with a concert in Sofia

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices and Quarto will present Voices and Strings at Bulgaria hall in Sofia, the choir has announced. The concert is on 3 April. The programme was already presented in February in Italy, where the concerts evoked..

12.03.24 15:36 |

Bulgarian folklore and church music performed in Paris

Exceptional examples of Bulgarian musical culture were presented to the French audience. The performances of the Folk Choir of the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv - "Prof. Asen Diamandiev", with conductor Prof. Kostadin Buradzhiev,..

11.03.24 07:40 |

Lili Ivanova with a concert in the legendary Flagey Building in Brussels

After a ten-year hiatus, the prima of Bulgarian pop music, Lili Ivanova, will once again have a big concert in Brussels. The event is on March 6 at 8 p.m. local time in the legendary Flagey Building in the Belgian capital and is under..

06.03.24 14:02 |
Elitsa Todorova

Fundraising concert to build a monument to Vasil Levski in Burgas

A charity concert for the construction of a monument to Vasil Levski is being held today in Burgas. The organiser of the event is the "Proud Bulgarians" foundation, which has taken on the task of building a monument to the national hero in the seaside..

04.03.24 06:40 |

Acapella formation Spectrum with a concert for the Bulgarian community in Luxembourg

On the eve of Bulgaria’s national day, the acapella formation Spectrum Vocal Band will have a concert in Luxembourg. The invitation for the concert came from the cultural club Gaida (bagpipe), known as a workshop for events and Bulgarian culture..

01.03.24 09:15 |
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