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'Indifferent'- the latest single of Innerglow band

Days after their debut on a London stage, the band Innerglow presented their latest single 'Indifferent'. This is their second song with lyrics in Bulgarian after the very successful piece “Znak/Sign” . The idea for ‘Indiferent’ was born in the summer..

published on 12/4/23 1:03 PM

"Sofia Quartet" reveals the magic of classical music to children

The oldest string quartet of the Sofia Philharmonic - "Sofia Quartet", once again focuses on the children's audience. This time with the desire to introduce them to the work of iconic composers of the 20th century. In the framework of the project..

published on 12/3/23 9:20 AM

With “Breathing” Dara Ekimova starts work on a new album

Young singer Dara Ekimova presents Disham – “Breathing”. It is the title of the first single from the singer’s upcoming album. She created “Breathing” with Romanian producer Cristian Pistol(Mr. Gun). The song conveys a special..

published on 12/1/23 7:45 AM
Dariya Stoyanova

Bulgarian girl part of trio at the Golden Coin Kids Singing Competition in Bologna

The 66th edition of one of the most popular children's music festivals - Zecchino d'oro (Golden Coin) in Bologna, Italy - will take place from 1 to 3 December. The festival features children between the ages of 5 and 12, who will immerse us in a..

published on 11/30/23 6:59 PM

Miro feat Maria Ilieva- "If tomorrow there is no today"

Two of Bulgaria’s biggest pop stars - Miro and Maria Ilieva - recorded their first song together. It is entitled "If tomorrow there is no today". Miro and Maria Ilieva say that the creation of the song happened quite naturally and in just a few..

published on 11/29/23 6:05 AM

DW highlights Bulgarian percussionst Vivi Vassileva

Meet the rising star of percussion music -  Vivi Vassileva . Thus begins Deutsche Welle's short video story about the 29-year-old Bulgarian woman who, at the beginning of the year, became the first percussionist to be awarded the prestigious award named..

published on 11/25/23 11:05 AM

Konkurent pack rock hits and new tracks into tenth album The Hard Way

Rock band Konkurent have released their tenth album. Entitled The Hard Way , the disc contains 11 studio tracks and 3 bonus live performances of the band's iconic songs Give Me Time, Mom and A Dream Come True. The band's latest singles are also..

published on 11/24/23 8:25 AM

Live in Sofia: "Disco Diva" Samantha Fox

UK disco star Samantha Fox is visiting Bulgaria to take part in the "Disco Divas" show at a club in Sofia. She will be performing her greatest hits and some new tunes from her forthcoming album. Before her, popular Bulgarian pop singer Irina Florin and..

published on 11/24/23 7:10 AM