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Breathtaking footage from Bulgaria in new video to folklore classic "Dilmano, Dilbero"‎

We present to you yet another example of interpreting ‎Bulgarian folklore with the expressive means of a modern musical language - Bulgarian composer Georgi Strezov made his ‎own version of the extremely famous Bulgarian folk song "Dilmano, Dilbero".‎..

published on 5/24/23 12:00 PM
Elena Sirakova

Elena Sirakova and Trees, a song about all-embracing love

Even before Elena Sirakova gained fame with her participation in the popular TV show The Voice of Bulgaria , in 2019, she made an impression on the music editors of the BNR’s Top 20 music chart with her debut single So Cold. Now, Elena is in the..

published on 5/23/23 7:09 AM

The world’s top bandoneon player for 2023 is Bulgarian

The bandoneon is the instrument that lends the Argentine tango its soul, the melody that gives life its passion and history. It looks like a small accordion, but the truth is it has a bigger acoustic body, it is much more mobile, with each movement of..

updated on 5/22/23 12:23 PM

Poli Genova's new song - inspired by the golden age of disco music

One of the most successful artists on the Bulgarian music scene - Poli Genova, who in 2016 won for Bulgaria the prestigious fourth place at the Eurovision song contest with "If Love Was a Crime", has now released a new song - "Don't do like that". As..

published on 5/19/23 6:17 PM

“Kafal sviri” is the latest project by talented Gabriela Ivanova from Dublin

Gabriela Ivanova is a 13-year-old teenage singer who lives in Dublin. The young talent has had several successful musical projects with famous Bulgarian musicians. Her latest project has been recently released, showing the entire..

published on 5/18/23 5:07 PM

“The Usual Suspects” present their single “The Venusian”

Stefan Valdobrev and “The Usual Suspects” are in the spotlight again with the single "The Venusian", which is part of their album "Yellow Code". This is a song that combines the lyrics of the analog person Stefan Valdobrev with the music of guitarist..

published on 5/17/23 12:58 PM

The evergreen "A Bulgarian Rose” climbs the BNR’s Pop and Rock Music Chart

Contemporary artists turn more and more often to the golden Bulgarian songs to interpret them in a different way and make them sound contemporary. A new, symphonic version of the evergreen "A Bulgarian Rose", with which the unforgettable singer Pasha..

published on 5/16/23 6:05 AM

BNR’s Radio Children vocal group takes us back to childhood with a ‎concert

The youngest artists of the Bulgarian National Radio, the Radio Children vocal group conducted by Ilina Todorova, will once again take the stage BNR’s Studio 1 at 7 pm on May 18 to present music from Bulgarian and international children's films...

published on 5/15/23 8:25 AM

Maria Mutafchieva presents her first solo album “Keep dreaming”

After 28 years and more than 10 albums with Mary Boys Band, Maria Mutafchieva is now releasing her first solo album entitled “Keep dreaming”, which she is to present on stage in Sofia on 13 May.   “I created this album at a time that is..

published on 5/11/23 7:15 AM

"If We Are Two"- a song that celebrates friendship

His concerts are among the three best-selling music events in Bulgaria for 2022. His album "Kiss Me" was the best selling album of 2022 in this country. His song "There is No Way Anymore", performed jointly with DARA, was very successful. Bulgaria’s..

published on 5/10/23 3:03 PM