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The lack of political direction and priorities empowers the administration

“Civil servant is not a dirty word” – with these words, civil servants organized a protest in front of the Council of Ministers building at the beginning of April. The reason was the fact that salaries in public administration had dramatically fallen..

updated on 6/12/24 12:15 PM
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The language of European law is the basis of the oldest specialized master's program in Bulgaria

In the midst of this year's student candidate campaign, the question what the most desired major at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski” would be, sounds like a rhetorical one. In the past four years, the undisputed number one..

published on 6/11/24 1:08 PM

Bulgaria has voted! Where are we heading to now?

Election fatigue, extremely low voter turnout (just over 30%), more young people at the polls and a fragile, barely perceptible hope for stability and political normality. This is how we can describe the past election Sunday for..

published on 6/10/24 4:11 PM

Bulgarians in UK: The civil servants Sofia send for the elections are unnecessary

Voter turnout among the Bulgarians living in London was very low, Svetlana Kaneva, chair of the "Luton" section in the English capital, told Radio Bulgaria. She summarizes the impressions of her colleagues from another four areas in..

published on 6/10/24 12:35 AM

Elections in Bulgaria are over, but compatriots in the USA continue to vote

There are 55 polling stations where Bulgarians across the ocean can exercise their right to vote in the early parliamentary vote. "We only vote for the National Assembly, i.e. for a party or coalition, we do not have the..

published on 6/9/24 10:38 PM

Sofia Zoo boasts a new addition of exotic colobuses

A group of extremely beautiful and exotic monkeys - colobus monkeys, can now be seen in the Sofia Zoo . The colobuses can now be found in the building of the second monkey house, and some of the best large and spacious enclosures have been prepared for..

published on 6/8/24 2:30 PM

Healthy food and drinks at the "Elixirs and Delicacies" exhibition in Veliko Tarnovo

Lovers of healthy, organic and vegan products will enjoy delicious and varied food and drinks at the first edition of the "Elixirs and Delicacies" exhibition, which opens today in Veliko Tarnovo. Leading producers and importers of quality food and..

published on 6/6/24 7:05 AM

What is the Type C Visa used for?

In a series of publications, Radio Bulgaria provides information to help foreigners coming to Bulgaria for various reasons. Visas are an issue that concerns people travelling around the world. Its answer depends on which country they are visiting and for..

published on 6/5/24 10:35 AM

Filton? It's a musical instrument

In 2009, Bulgarian Anton Orush started his collection dedicated to Bulgarian technology.  The exhibits include televisions, radios, appliances, computers, telephones, cash registers, etc. Gradually, this passion of his led him to start researching and..

published on 6/4/24 2:21 PM

When both students and teachers are ambitious and keep pace with the times

More than 75 years ago, the need emerged for the children of Bulgarian gardeners in Slovakia to receive education in a place where they could also learn the history and culture of their people in their mother tongue. That is how..

published on 6/3/24 2:31 PM