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Remy and Paul, who sculpt stories from sand, draw inspiration from life in Bulgaria

They met 20 years ago in a Belgian sand sculpture park. He was sculpting a 19-meter deity and she was creating a goddess from sand. They quickly found out they are soulmates and have been inseparable ever since. Remy and Paul Hoggard..

published on 3/20/23 12:45 PM

Life can be tasty, life can be fun with Alya Markova, between Bulgaria and Spain

Life can be tasty, life can be fun! That is the underlying idea of “Cookbook for grown children” which came out this month. In it you will find 28 sweet and salty recipes… in the form of comic strips. The unorthodox book is the brainchild of Alya..

updated on 3/16/23 11:23 AM

Why it is so important to invest in the Bulgarian communities abroad

Born in Plovdiv at the dawn of the transition to democracy in Bulgaria, 1994, Alexander Detev grew up in Sofia, where, in 2013 he graduated from the German language school, and then left for Vienna. There, he graduated “Journalism and communications”,..

published on 3/14/23 10:53 AM

Asen Shopov, a successful cameraman in Czechia who is in love with Bulgaria

Sozopol, the small town on the Black Sea, with its old wooden houses and narrow cobblestone streets leading straight to the seashore has been an inspiration for talented Bulgarian cameraman and photographer Asen Shopov, better known professionally in..

published on 2/27/23 1:58 PM

Dr. Anton Asenov - the ENT specialist who decided to stay and work in Bulgaria, determined to help people

He is a young, educated doctor, determined to stay in Bulgaria - against all odds and because of them. Dr. Anton Asenov is 34 years old, he was born in the town of Shumen, but before his first birthday his family moved to Turkey. He grew up in..

published on 2/8/23 4:22 PM
Rene Shashua Hasson

Holocaust survivor Rene Shashua Hasson: Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you

“Bulgaria’s Jewish population was the only one that grew in numbers after the Holocaust compared to before,” says Bulgarian Jew Rene Shashua Hasson who is a Holocaust survivor, in an interview with Radio Bulgaria. Born in 1935 in Plovdiv, Rene..

updated on 1/27/23 1:49 PM

Mellow or wild - Bulgarian folk music has it all

She is retired employee of the Netherlands Post Office, free now to dedicate her time to her great passion - Bulgarian folk music. Ingrid Veeninga, 77, is Dutch. She lives in Amsterdam and never skips a rehearsal of Chubritsa - one of the most..

published on 1/19/23 6:51 PM

Professor Elka Konstantinova dies at the age of 90

Professor Elka Konstantinova has died at the age of 90. She was a prominent Bulgarian writer, literature scholar and politician, a person with significant contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture . Professor Elka Konstantinova was..

published on 1/13/23 3:11 PM

Boris Borisov, a Bulgarian in California

Wine is a passion, it is love, mastery, but most importantly it is something that should be shared. Guided by this philosophy, Boris Borisov from Veliki Preslav has been fashioning a distinctive style in California’s wine cellars. Customers, on the..

updated on 1/11/23 11:54 AM
Photos: iliapeikov.com

Bulgarian Ilia Peikov "flew" in space before Gagarin

White comets streak through the sky, planets emit a crimson glow, cloud decks spread out like powder puffs. Suddenly I set off on a journey into space. I witness the creation of the world. “It’s Iliya”, I hear an alto voice grounding me. The dream is..

published on 1/2/23 6:05 AM