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Prof. Budin Mihov and his world-renowned books on biochemistry and medicine

Molecular medicine, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, molecular pathology, molecular pharmacology - these are some of the topics on which prof. Budin Mihov has been working for 30 years. He humbly describes himself as a world-class scientist, and..

published on 10/18/23 3:48 PM

Antonio Panarello – an Italian in the Bulgarian village of Slanotran on ‎the Danube

Located about 16 kilometers from Vidin, on the banks of the Danube River, ‎the village of Slanotran has a population of about 500 people. The winters ‎here are very severe and the summers are scorching hot. It is this village, ‎unknown even to many..

published on 10/10/23 2:43 PM

Presenting Dr. Marin Bukov, holder of the 2023 John Atanasoff Grand Prix

“The biggest demonstration of courage is not in outer space but in thought” – these words belong to John Atanasoff, an inventor of Bulgarian descent, the man who created the first electronic computer with regenerative capacity memory. Dr. Marin..

published on 10/10/23 1:50 PM

Bulgarian scientist from Harvard wins prestigious international award

Stéfanie Stantcheva, professor of political economy at Harvard University, is one of two scientists who won this year's prestigious international Bright Mind Award . It will be presented to her at a ceremony in Berlin on November 14, reports The..

published on 10/2/23 10:51 AM

Miroslav Petkov – principal trumpet of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam

He has performed on some of the world's biggest stages. He says that he is not one of the most bashful musicians, but when he stands in front of his home audience, from Varna, things are different. The whole "weight" of fame and pride of playing in front..

published on 9/27/23 2:20 PM

Eva Velikova is the first Bulgarian woman to descend the world’s tallest waterfall

Eva Velikova is the first Bulgarian woman to descend the world’s tallest waterfall – Angel  Falls (Salto Ángel). The whole adventure took neraly 2 weeks in November 2022. Angel Falls is the world’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall, with a total eight..

published on 9/3/23 5:05 AM

Megi Angelova – the Bulgarian voice in foreign movies

You can hear Megi Angelova’s gripping voice in the trailer to the film The Woman King, 2022, in an Indian film, and in many TV Korean and Chinese TV series.  And though she cannot imagine life without music, the talented singer only recorded her first..

published on 8/19/23 8:50 AM

Gabriel from Romania: I know you love Bulgaria, but you should also love keeping it clean!

"My name is Gabriel and I am a Romanian living in London. From time to time we come to Bulgaria. And I have decided to volunteer. I want us to unite people and municipalities and set a personal example. If a Romanian living in..

published on 8/10/23 1:35 PM

Jean Sheytanov - the musician whose heart is filled with love for Sozopol

Sozopol is a settlement with an ancient history , a venue of the annual Apolonia Arts Festival , an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Bulgarian artists. Among the emblematic figures with whom this Black Sea town abounds is Jean..

published on 7/26/23 2:18 PM

Petar Zhotev dreams of discovering a cancer drug and biotechnologies to combat climate change

Healing humans and saving the planet may well be a dream come true – especially when you are 19 and there is no limit to your hopes and aspirations. “Biology is fascinating because it enables us to peek inside a living cell, to see what goes..

updated on 7/5/23 2:38 PM