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Vladislav Dimitrov on the path from war to gratitude to Bulgarians

It is the 63 rd day of the war in Ukraine. According to the UN, more than 5 million Ukrainians have left their homeland since the start of hostilities, 94,300 of them are on the territory of Bulgaria, of which more than 84,000 already have the..

published on 4/27/22 11:37 AM

Daniela Atanassova Lineva selected as Top Pediatrician of the Year for 2022 in USA

As a little girl she would take care of her dolls in her infirmary, up in a tree – there she would give them injections using pine needles and magical mixtures, made out of flowers and mud. As she was growing up, she..

published on 4/7/22 9:45 AM

Peter Baykov takes us to a new film adventure

The young star of dubbing in Bulgaria - actor Peter Baykov, embraced the challenge to voice a film adaptation of the novel by English writer John Bunyan - "The Pilgrim's Progress". One of the most popular stories of all time, which sounds..

published on 4/3/22 10:05 AM

Lawyer Ognyan Gavrilov with a new mission – to unite the Bulgarian community in California and the surrounding US states

A story worthy of a film plot - this is how we can briefly describe the life of Bulgaria’s Ognyan Gavrilov who has built a successful life for himself overseas. The year was 1999. As soon as he graduated from the Mathematical High School in..

published on 3/30/22 4:05 PM

George Kaish: Moldova is my mother country, Bulgaria – my ancestral homeland

He is just 19, but has already had a taste of success – as anchor of a talk show in Moldova, on radio Albena. For the past 6 months, George Kaish has been studying international economic relations at the University of National and World..

published on 3/22/22 11:07 AM

Olympic medalist Madeleine Radukanova enters her "Year of Thanksgiving"

When you set foot on the highest of peaks, and reach out your hand, you realize that above you are only the sky, the sun, and the stars. At that moment, the best thing you can do is to lower your eyes and gaze back at the long and bumpy road you..

published on 3/15/22 4:10 PM

Artist Borjana Ventzislavova shows her exhibition We/Re Nature in Sofia

“Nightmare. The war in Ukraine is a horrible nightmare, conceived by a sick mind.” This is the beginning of our conversation with Borjana Ventzislavova - an artist whose work is deeply committed to humanity - in all its aspects. Boryana lives in..

published on 3/8/22 4:25 PM

"Bulgaria has changed right before my eyes," says Yves Ditte, owner of French bakeries in the country

When walking around Plovdiv, you will probably be impressed by the facade of a neat bakery and be attracted by appetizing aromas. This is the bakery of Tanya and Yves. The Bulgarian-French family chose Plovdiv as their home and 12 years ago they..

published on 2/24/22 3:21 PM

Bulgaria is a new homeland for Iranian Abdoullah Zargar, MD

Dr. Abdoullah Zargar-Shabestari‘ s first Bulgarian word was related to goodness. And good he did, year after year, healing patients in a poverty-stricken region of Bulgaria close to the Romanian border. So when he needed a helping hand, he..

published on 2/18/22 10:25 AM
Charles Myer with his

The Myer family from Bulgaria’s village of Bryagovitsa and how love for pets can add meaning to one’s life

Charles and Janice Myer are British settlers in Bulgaria. More than 12 years ago, they acquired a holiday property in the village of Bryagovitsa close to the town of Veliko Tarnovo and fell in love with Bulgaria forever. There followed a..

published on 2/15/22 11:16 AM