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Theatre play about Tsar Boris III and the rescue of Bulgarian Jews to be presented in UK

"Out Of The Forest Theatre" have been preparing a play about Tsar Boris III. "The Brief Life and Mysterious Death of Boris III, King of Bulgaria" will be performed during the Edinburgh International Theater Festival in August. The..

published on 5/25/23 9:30 AM

May 24 is declared Bulgarian Cultural Heritage Day in Las Vegas

The Bulgarian community in Las Vegas gathered for a big festive gathering in ‎‎Bruce Trent Park on May 21, with which they celebrated in advance the Day of ‎the Holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian alphabet, education and ‎culture, and of..

published on 5/24/23 11:06 AM
Georgi Gospodinov and translator Angela Rodel upon receiving the Booker Prize for the novel Time Shelter

Georgi Gospodinov becomes first-ever Bulgarian winner of the International Booker Prize

Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov and translator Angela Rodel have become winners of the 2023 Booker international literary prize with the novel Time Shelter . This is the first Bulgarian novel to win the prestigious award. The distinction is given..

published on 5/24/23 9:16 AM

"O'Pismenech" - a fabulous story about the evolution of writing and letters

Are you still wondering whether "the mouse will eat the book," i.e., whether interest in books and their mission to carry wisdom through the ages will end one day. Well, the answer to that question is “Absolutely Not”." Books will never be..

published on 5/23/23 1:17 PM

“Let’s read some” festival in the literary heart of Sofia – Slaveykov square

Rather exotic, intriguing, colourful, with its crooked alleys and no sewerage – that is how urbanist Zdravko Petrov described Sofia after the liberation of Bulgaria (in 1878) in an interview with Radio Bulgaria. On 3 April, 1879, the..

updated on 5/23/23 11:42 AM
Monument to Cyril and Methodius in front of the National Library in Sofia

Sofia will host international forum on the occasion of 1160 years since the creation of the Slavic script

The 1160th anniversary of the creation of the Slavic script will be celebrated at an international conference on the topic "The legacy of Cyril and Methodius in the scientific and cultural memory", organized by the Cyril and Methodius Scientific Centre..

published on 5/22/23 7:35 AM
Days in Bulgarian Culture in Cyprus, 21 May 2023

Bulgaria's Vice President joins Days of Bulgarian Culture celebration in Cyprus

A big festive concert was held in Cyprus today bringing together many Bulgarians, children, parents, teachers to mark the upcoming Day of Bulgarian Culture, Education and Letters - May 24.  It was part of the 25th edition of the Days of Bulgarian..

published on 5/21/23 7:16 PM

Three-day street art festival takes place in Sofia

Slaveykov Square in the capital city of Sofia becomes stage for the first street culture festival Street Music Fest. According to the organizers from Mish Mash Fest, it will be a colorful and cheerful forum with lots of music,..

published on 5/19/23 8:00 AM
Georgi Gospodinov and Bianca Bellová

Talented Czech writer Bianca Bellová has preserved her link to Bulgaria

Bianca Bellová is recognized as one of the most successful and widely read contemporary Czech writers and she herself is proud of her Bulgarian origin and says that every reader could detect a Bulgarian thread in her novels. Many..

published on 5/17/23 6:40 PM
Bogdan Darev (L) with Kalin Kroumov

Kaval Park – a declaration of love for Bulgaria all the way from the US

Few people have probably heard of Alexander Eppler – an American of Russian descent who is in love with Bulgaria and the Bulgarian kaval . As a teenager he was fascinated by the magic of Bulgarian folklore when he went to a concert by a Bulgarian..

updated on 5/16/23 5:54 PM