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Orthodox church honors the memory of St. Charalampos

On February 10, Christians in Bulgaria honor martyr St. Charalampos of Magnesia. In the Bulgarian tradition, this is one of the last winter holidays. From that day on, people started working on their land again together with the withdrawal of winter...

published on 2/10/24 5:10 AM

Bulgaria honors 152nd birth anniversary of Gotse Delchev

The 152nd anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest Bulgarian revolutionaries Gotse Delchev was celebrated with a solemn concert and a discussion in Sofia. "After two daughters, a son was born and he was named Georgi. To this..

published on 2/4/24 3:16 PM

Orthodox Christians honour the Holy Martyr Trifon

Today, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays hommageSaint Trifon.  The saint, who lived in the III century in the Asia Minor region of Phrygia, had the gift of healing. He was killed after refusing to return to paganism.  Saint Trifon is..

published on 2/1/24 5:15 AM
Stefan Stambolov (1854-1895)

Stefan Stambolov and the policy on the Macedonian question at the end of the 19th century

Former Prime Minister of North Macedonia Lyubcho Georgievski was a guest in episode 160 of "Corridor 8" podcast by journalists Atanas Velichkov and Dr. Georgi Stankov. For over two and a half hours, the audience asked questions online. Georgievski..

published on 1/30/24 2:05 PM

Take a look at the breathtaking footage of the medieval fortress Asara in the Eastern Rhodopes

Momchilgrad municipality released unique footage a few days ago which went viral on social media. The video, shot using a drone, offers a bird’s eye view of the mysterious medieval fortress Asara in the region of the village of Ralitsa in the..

updated on 1/23/24 11:19 AM
The discussion, at the French Institute, on the past and present of dissidence 35 years after the breakfast with Mitterrand. L to R: journalist Koprinka Chervenkova, Michel Eltchaninoff, Luc Lévy, director of the French Institute

35 years after the breakfast with François Mitterrand in Sofia: Interview with philosopher Michel Eltchaninoff

At the end of 1988 and the beginning of 1989, the newly elected president of France François Mitterrand went to several capitals of the changing Eastern block. After travelling to Czechoslovakia and before going on to Warsaw, Mitterrand came to..

published on 1/19/24 4:26 PM

The 17-centuries-old monastery "Saint Athanasius the Great" protects the Bulgarian church and people

A great blessing and joy for all Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria is the Saint Athanasius Monastery near the town of Chirpan. It was founded by the saint himself in ‎the IV century (344), near an old Roman fortress, close to the then town of Beroe..

published on 1/18/24 3:31 PM

Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the feast day of St. Anthony

Today the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours the memory of the Venerable Anthony the Great. Bulgarians call the day Antonovden. Anthony is considered the founder of Christian monasticism. According to Bulgarian popular tradition Antonovden is..

published on 1/17/24 6:05 AM

Kirk Kirchev: The Keeper of the Thracian Heritage

Who were the world's first goldsmiths? The Thracians, who inhabited Bulgarian lands from the Bronze Age to the time of the Roman emperors, were certainly among them. And did you know that there are more than 80 Thracian treasures in museums and..

published on 1/10/24 5:32 PM

80 years since the most brutal bombing of Sofia

Exactly 80 years ago - on January 10, 1944, during the Second World War, the most destructive round-the-clock Anglo-American bombing was carried out over Sofia. At nighttime, the Bulgarian capital city was attacked by the British aviation, and during..

published on 1/10/24 5:35 AM