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Balkan developments

Giorgos Gerapetritis: Political dialogue, a positive cooperation agenda and confidence building measures are the three pillars for a rapprochement between Turkey and Greece Political dialogue, a positive cooperation agenda on specific issues and..

updated on 7/21/23 11:54 AM

Budget 2023 puts state-funded institutions on the brink of survival

Against the backdrop of the July heat, the heated arguments about the 2023 budget continue. By July 25, when the National Assembly must finally vote on the state's financial framework, a decision must be reached on the increase of income in the budget..

published on 7/17/23 2:40 PM

Former Prosecutor General Geshev has registered his Justice for Bulgaria movement

Former Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev announced that his civic movement "Justice for Bulgaria" is now registered . "I am determined to meet the expectations of all those who support me. I will work for a decent life for every Bulgarian citizen. I am..

published on 7/10/23 6:01 PM
Volodymyr Zelensky with PM Nikolay Denkov

Volodymyr Zelensky’s half-day in Sofia

The first emblematic visit by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to Bulgaria’s capital city lasted half a day. Watching the reactions and the coverage in the media in Bulgaria from the start of the day, the ordinary listener and viewer was..

published on 7/7/23 2:29 PM
Ivan Geshev presenting his civic movement on Facebook

One more “patriotic civic movement” created, this time by former prosecutor general Ivan Geshev

Justice for Bulgaria is the name of the newest in the long line of “civic movements” emerging on the political stage in this country. Its creation was announced by former prosecutor general Ivan Geshev in a live stream on Facebook. Ivan..

published on 7/5/23 1:22 PM

Cracks in the government do not yet herald new elections

The past week offered us another dose of instability both in terms of weather and the political atmosphere in Bulgaria. At the backdrop of heavy rains, flooded villages and human powerlessness in the face of natural disaster, a wave..

published on 6/26/23 2:15 PM
Mariya Gabriel and Nikolay Denkov

The Denkov/Gabriel cabinet: How long can it survive?

As Bulgaria’s National Assembly voted in the GERB-PP/DB government on 6 June, with rotating prime ministers academician Nikolay Denkov (PP/DB), and nine months later Mariya Gabriel (GERB) for nine more months, analysts didn’t seem all that optimistic..

published on 6/21/23 12:56 PM

Reshuffle at the top of Bulgaria’s prosecutor's office does not ‎quell tensions in the judicial system

The replacement of Bulgaria’s prosecutor general Ivan Geshev, who was ‎dismissed ahead of schedule, with his deputy until recently, Borislav Sarafov, ‎does not succeed in easing the long-standing tension in Bulgaria's judicial ‎system, observers comment.‎..

published on 6/20/23 12:30 PM
Ivan Geshev

Ivan Geshev is no longer prosecutor general, now a substitute has to be elected, and a debate on a new incumbent instituted

The Bulgarian president signed a decree finalizing the unprecedented, in Bulgaria’s democratic history, early dismissal of the prosecutor general of the country. Now, half-way through his 7-year long term of office, Ivan Geshev is no longer at the..

updated on 6/16/23 12:49 PM

Procedure for dismissal of Prosecutor General - the ball is now in the President's court

With 16 votes "for" and 4 "against", the Supreme Judicial Council removed Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev from office. The decision has no previous analogue in this country and was reached after a debate and hearings of witnesses in..

updated on 6/13/23 1:05 PM