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Kornelia Ninova, leader of BSP

Skepticism among the political forces after the third mandate received by BSP

After receiving the third mandate to form a cabinet within the framework of the 48th National Assembly, this week the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will decide from which formations and on what topics they will seek support. At the moment, however,..

published on 1/16/23 6:10 PM
Rumen Radev

BSP will have a hard time forming a government 

"The third mandate was doomed a priori because of the specific position of GERB, who are in pre-election mode" , Alexander Simov from the National Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party told BNR.  The chances of forming a government with the BSP's..

published on 1/15/23 5:30 PM
Save Sofia

New "Save Sofia" party aims to govern the capital with a non-partisan administration 

Bulgarian non-governmental watchdog organization Spasi Sofia ("Save Sofia") was registered as a party. The leader of the new party, municipal councillor Boris Bonev, had already announced his candidacy for mayor of the capital.  He envisages the..

published on 1/15/23 3:17 PM
Sweden's Ambassador to Turkiye Staffan Herrström

Balkan developments

Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons Swedish Ambassador over Erdogan effigy An effigy of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was hung upside down by Kurdish activists on Thursday in front of the City Hall in Stockholm...

published on 1/13/23 1:03 PM
Hristo Ivanov

Are high hopes focused on third government-forming mandate justified?

The insurmountable conditions that the political forces set in an attempt to achieve a parliamentary majority, make the chances for "Democratic Bulgaria" forming a cabinet seem distant. The coalition is expected to receive the third..

published on 1/12/23 1:30 PM

Nikolay Krastev: Bulgaria should have an envoy of its own for the Western Balkans

2022 has been a complex year for the Western Balkans. The key issue that had to be resolved was connected with the relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia, and the veto which this country had imposed with regard to the European..

updated on 12/30/22 6:04 PM

A political impasse marks the outgoing 2022 in Bulgaria

The event that marked the year 2022 in terms of foreign policy is the war on the territory of Ukraine. The military operation launched by Russia on February 24 caused an unprecedented act of solidarity towards the Ukrainian people by almost all EU..

published on 12/30/22 4:12 PM

Balkan Developments

Croatia prepares for Euro switch amid soaring inflation Croatia has started to adjust of a large number of its ATMs to the new currency, as part of the preparations for the introduction of the euro on January 1 2023. All 4,000 ATMs in..

published on 12/30/22 1:43 PM

Balkan developments

Serbs remain at the barricades in northern Kosovo Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has warned that Russia is fueling tensions between Kosovo and Serbia due to the retreat of its troops in Ukraine, the British newspaper "The Guardian"..

published on 12/23/22 12:12 PM

Evgenii Dainov: The time is coming for vivid political figures

Today, Thursday, 22 December, is the last day on which the political forces represented in parliament can send their priorities, around which a principled agreement can be sought for forming a government, if they decide to comply with the invitation..

updated on 12/22/22 11:48 AM