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The number of people voting “none of the above” has been growing due to the divisions in society

The 5 th general election in this country in two years is over, and there will be six political formations entering the next 49 th National Assembly – the coalitions GERB\SDS, We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria, and the parties Movement..

updated on 4/4/23 11:28 AM

What Bulgarians want is action and a constructive thought for the future

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new,” according to Socrates. People in Bulgaria want change too though they seem more turned towards the ghosts of the past. There has been a string of..

updated on 4/3/23 1:53 PM

Bulgaria is voting once again

Whether Bulgarians live well or not, elections are still coming… Election day started at 7 AM sharp today, and it is the fifth time in two years that Bulgarians are going to cast their vote for the formation of the country’s legislative body...

published on 4/2/23 7:05 AM

What does Bulgarian-Romanian strategic partnership mean?

The media reports on the visit of Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to Sofia on March 15 were not very surprising in terms of news. As usual, the Romanian president focused on talks regarding security, while the Bulgarian side brought..

published on 3/17/23 12:25 PM

VMRO party to boycott the April 2 elections

VMRO - Bulgarian National Movement will not register candidate lists and will participate in the upcoming April 2 snap parliamentary elections with an active campaign "I Do Not Support Anyone". The Executive Committee of VMRO decided to boycott the..

published on 2/26/23 3:46 PM

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is escalating, according to Bulgarian analysts

The conflict in Ukraine was the focus of the annual conference of the Bulgarian Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov on 22 February . A year after the start of the war, in his words, the conflict "showed the importance and role of well-prepared,..

published on 2/23/23 1:39 PM

Some surprising participants in upcoming vote, but with no chance of a seat in parliament

Sixteen parties and seven coalitions have declared their will to participate in the election battle for representation in the 49th National Assembly. By February 28, all of them must register their candidate-MP lists with the Central..

published on 2/16/23 12:05 PM

Kornelia Ninova: BSP will not be forming a coalition with GERB

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will not cave in to the pressure  of the Party of European Socialists regarding the adoption of the Istanbul Convention while Kornelia Ninova is a chairperson of BSP. This became clear at the 50th Congress of the..

published on 2/11/23 4:23 PM

Bulgarian diplomacy finds it increasingly difficult to trust Skopje

On Saturday, February 4, Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia ‎celebrated 151 years since the birth of Gotse Delchev in a situation of strained ‎relations between the two countries . According to information from the ‎Bulgarian Ministry of the..

published on 2/6/23 3:52 PM

Bulgaria headed for new early elections against the backdrop of record-low approval ratings of parties and political leaders

The fifth caretaker cabinet of President Rumen Radev has started work. It was appointed by the country’s head of state after the 48 th National Assembly failed to elect a regular government. One the verge of new early general elections,..

published on 2/6/23 2:12 PM