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Ivan Geshev

Ivan Geshev is no longer prosecutor general, now a substitute has to be elected, and a debate on a new incumbent instituted

The Bulgarian president signed a decree finalizing the unprecedented, in Bulgaria’s democratic history, early dismissal of the prosecutor general of the country. Now, half-way through his 7-year long term of office, Ivan Geshev is no longer at the..

updated on 6/16/23 12:49 PM

Procedure for dismissal of Prosecutor General - the ball is now in the President's court

With 16 votes "for" and 4 "against", the Supreme Judicial Council removed Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev from office. The decision has no previous analogue in this country and was reached after a debate and hearings of witnesses in..

updated on 6/13/23 1:05 PM
Council of Ministers building

The Denkov-Gabriel cabinet: What can put a spoke in their wheel?

The National Assembly approved the Denkov-Gabriel cabinet , dubbed “a marriage of convenience” between We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) and GERB/SDS, taking power out of the hands of the latest in the string of caretaker..

updated on 6/7/23 12:14 PM

A regular government in the offing: is an end to the political crisis in sight?

At an extraordinary sitting at 1 PM today, the National Assembly is to vote the structure and the composition of the prospective Denkov-Gabriel cabinet, formed on the second exploratory mandate within the current 49 th parliament. The stakes are..

updated on 6/6/23 11:28 AM

National Assembly is ready to vote on new government as early as June 6

During a short ceremony "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) returned the completed second mandate to form a government to President Rumen Radev. Prime Minister designate Nikolai Denkov said he expected the president..

published on 6/5/23 12:19 PM
Galab Donev

Caretaker cabinet presents report and says it ruled for 'exhausting 10 months'

We have returned the decision-making center where it belongs - in Bulgaria, Prime Minister Galab Donev said at an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, at which the caretaker cabinet presented a report on its work since..

published on 6/5/23 11:39 AM

A government with the second mandate – a possibility yet full of misgivings

The political conundrum in which Bulgaria finds itself is becoming more and more insolvable, as the way out of the political crisis, which has been going on for two years now, seems to be receding again. Additional fuel was added to the fire..

published on 5/30/23 1:37 PM

Reactions after handing over of the second mandate for forming government

After the president handed over the second mandate for forming a government, I think it has become clear what the stakes are, the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" (PP), Assen Vassilev, commented on Facebook. “Dictatorship or..

published on 5/30/23 8:40 AM

GERB-SDS and PP-DB agree on joint governance, but with the second mandate

GERB-SDS prime minister candidate Mariya Gabriel has returned to President Rumen Radev the first cabinet-forming mandate unfulfilled on the grounds that she would not allow people appointed through backroom deals to be part of the government.  In..

published on 5/22/23 4:02 PM
Ivan Geshev

The storm in the upper echelons of the prosecutor’s office in Bulgaria signals a crisis of statehood

The week started in this country with a veritable storm in the upper echelons of the state. This time the epicenter of the storm was the prosecutor’s office, whose administrative leader, Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev called a special press..

published on 5/16/23 12:08 PM