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Balkan Developments

Greece discusses ban on neo-fascist parties from running in elections The Greek parliament is debating a possible ban on parties with an overt neo-fascist ideology from participating in elections. Polls show a clear risk..

published on 2/3/23 2:48 PM

MPs expect from the new cabinet fair elections, maintaining the foreign policy course and work for the people 

The parliamentary forces may not have high hopes for the new caretaker cabinet, which has only one change of minister, but they do have their expectations.  President Radev appoints the new caretaker cabinet The co-chair of We Continue the..

published on 2/2/23 1:38 PM

War against Ukraine could speed up construction of bridges across the Danube

The heavy traffic between Bulgaria and Romania, made even worse by Russia’s war against Ukraine, has once again raised the issue of building a third bridge across the Danube so as to improve connectivity between the two European countries...

published on 2/1/23 11:59 AM

Balkan developments

National strike in Cyprus to increase wages because of inflation On Thursday, January 26, thousands of public and private sector workers in Cyprus, including civil servants and journalists, effectively stopped work for three..

published on 1/27/23 6:04 PM
There is radicalization in North Macedonia against Bulgaria.

Rumen Radev: Skopje to demonstrate they are actively fighting the anti-Bulgarian campaign 

Bulgarian Head of State Rumen Radev said that it is no longer enough for the authorities of the Republic of North Macedonia to prove that they are not part of the anti-Bulgarian campaign.  Sofia acquaints the EU with the worsening situation of..

published on 1/24/23 8:34 PM

Yet another snap election delays Bulgaria's exit from the political maze

With no more bets left, Bulgaria is now looking towards its fifth parliamentary election in nearly two years, after another blank spin of the political roulette for forming a government. On Tuesday January 24, the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is to..

published on 1/23/23 2:30 PM

Balkan Developments

Greece starts construction of 840 MW gas-fired power station in Alexandroupoli Greece’s Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented the government’s Eastern Macedonia & Thrace 2030 Development Program in the northern Greek city of..

published on 1/20/23 1:22 PM
Rumen Radev

Rumen Radev: I chose the party with the best chance of forming a government

Asked by a journalist about his choice to hand the third mandate to the parliamentary group of the "BSP for Bulgaria", Head of State Rumen Radev said that he was looking for the party with the best chances to form a government.  Skepticism among the..

published on 1/17/23 2:25 PM
Kornelia Ninova, leader of BSP

Skepticism among the political forces after the third mandate received by BSP

After receiving the third mandate to form a cabinet within the framework of the 48th National Assembly, this week the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will decide from which formations and on what topics they will seek support. At the moment, however,..

published on 1/16/23 6:10 PM
Rumen Radev

BSP will have a hard time forming a government 

"The third mandate was doomed a priori because of the specific position of GERB, who are in pre-election mode" , Alexander Simov from the National Council of the Bulgarian Socialist Party told BNR.  The chances of forming a government with the BSP's..

published on 1/15/23 5:30 PM