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'Indifferent'- the latest single of Innerglow band

Photo: FB /InnerglowBand

Days after their debut on a London stage, the band Innerglow presented their latest single 'Indifferent'. This is their second song with lyrics in Bulgarian after the very successful piece “Znak/Sign”. The idea for ‘Indiferent’ was born in the summer of 2023. After their return from London the musicians have focused entirely on the new project - to finish the song and make the video. They performed the song live for the first time at their concert in the BNR’s Studio No 1, thus closing the summer cycle of performances. 

According to the band's frontman Todor Kovachev, it is challenging to make songs in both Bulgarian and English. However, they were convinced that the audience accepts the change of languages and the combination of styles very naturally:

‘’Perhaps the song is unusually gloomy for us, but that's exactly what we like about it" - said the band's frontman. "It's great!", Innerglow’s drummer Matey Hristoskov continues. "There are some balladic elements, strong rock elements, but also elements from all our other influences. In my view, the most important thing is that we tried to make the lyrics sound good, sound very natural with the music", Todor Kovachev went on to say.

The lyrics and the music of the piece blend organically to convey the most impactful message. They are topical and reflect in each one of us. Todor Kovachev has more:

“This is a song about alienation, about running away from real emotions, from real sensations. I think there is always some optimism in our music. And I believe that people will find something that will inspire them and make them think. Quite a few people have told us that they associate themselves with the lyrics. They say: "That's exactly how I feel right now!", which is definitely one of the biggest compliments", said Todor Kovachev.

Photos: FB /InnerglowBand
Translated and posted by Kostadin Atanasov
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