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Singing connects the young Victoria Asenova with authors of hits in Italy

Photo: Facebook/ VikA

Young Bulgarian singer Victoria Asenova started performing music in pre-school age, and now, at the age of 14, she already has serious music accomplishments and acquaintances in the world of show business. ‎

In fact, Victoria Asenova aka VikA already has her first song written especially for her in Italy - "Heart Babe". Thus, the Bulgarian singer successfully fits into the "Forzza de la musica Italiana" project by maestro Enzo Campagnoli, known as the conductor of the orchestra of the great Sanremo Song Contest.‎

Little Victoria's first appearances were with the Children's Vocal Group "Sweet Popcorns" at the National Children's Palace in Sofia. Evaluation of her talent is the participation in festivals for young artists in Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal. In July 2023, Victoria represented Bulgaria in the children's format of the "Slavic Bazaar" contest in Vitebsk, Belarus, where she ranked seventh out of a total of 18 participants.‎

Victoria Asenova is a student at the Prof. Dr. Vasil Zlatarski International High School in Sofia. She often travels to Italy because her work and the desire to get to know people better take her there. She says that living between singing lessons, songwriting and school is not such a difficult task at all, because it's all a matter of good organization and a lot of desire. For the first time, Victoria visited Italy because of her participation in an international competition. From there, she received an invitation to join a music campus, which is also a springboard to success in the future. ‎‎"They immediately offered me to make a song, it was very unexpected and I'm ‎very proud that they chose me," says Victoria Asenova to Radio ‎Bulgaria:‎

"If you're not brave, you can't reach the high stage - you need a lot of courage, a lot of belief and dreaming, because without faith it won't happen. Without ambition and without setting some goals, you can't succeed. If you have a goal and a dream, nothing can stop you from achieving it. My dream is definitely related to music. I still don't really know where exactly I want to reach, but I know that I want to deal with singing. It is the way to be able to express my feelings, and also to reach the thoughts of other people.

This song of mine, "Heart babe", is about the chaos of a teenager's life. For example, I'm not one of those people who arranges everything well. It's a huge mess with me because I'm thinking about many things at the same time, because I'm dealing with so many things, it creates constant chaos. Sometimes I surprise myself that things work out so well."

Victoria and Giovanni Segreti Bruno
Victoria explains that for her, creating a song is a team effort - the music is written by Giovanni Segreti Bruno, and the text is the result of collective work. "I'm always involved in writing the song itself. Even with the melody, when everyone adds different things, the result is very good. I can't work alone - that's how I feel. If I don't work in a team, I feel lost without others," the talented girl shared with us. ‎

The young singer is very grateful for the support and professional guidance she receives from her mentors in Italy. She says that every time she goes on stage, she knows that she represents not only herself, but also the whole team behind the song.‎

"Initially, I went to Italy with a very big fear that I would work with high-ranking professionals," says Victoria:

‎"When I went there, I told myself that everything will be fine, as soon as they themselves have chosen me, they have judged that I am ready and can work with them - the fear has passed. One of the people who supported me all the time is Maestro Enzo Campagnoli - the conductor of the Sanremo festival orchestra. He conveys emotion to me and helps me understand every single song I prepare. Now I am much more confident, and my communication with all of them is not like with colleagues only, it's much bigger because we're friends now. The song I'm working on now is called Give me love, it's more of a love song and it's about the love thrills of ‎a teenager. Maybe this is one of the big themes that is always present in the life of every teenager. That's why I prefer the song to be more dynamic, faster. I am often asked why my songs are always fast. I respond that I have such an attitude and I probably won't write a ballad soon." ‎

In the song "Heart Babe" Victoria Asenova sends her message in English, and the video clip was shot at the end of September in the Italian capital Rome. ‎

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