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author: Gergana Mancheva

Black Friday in Bulgaria: Between a marketing ploy and customer benefit

The campaign for shopping at bargain prices, known as Black Friday, has been growing more and more popular in Bulgaria. By planning carefully and keeping abreast of the offers, consumers are able to purchase products at exceptional prices, say the..

21.11.23 10:56 |

Folklore ensembles are like a small Bulgaria for compatriots abroad

The guests to the second creative meeting - seminar of the leaders of Bulgarian folklore ensembles abroad, which took place on November 11 and 12 in Sofia, were welcomed with the smell of bread, sweetened with honey. In addition to..

15.11.23 13:20 |
Dimiter Kenarov

Dimiter Kenarov’s characters speak about their nostalgia for communism

“Life was better under Todor Zhivkov,” says an older man whom I meet in the street; many share his nostalgia for the former Communist dictator. “We didn’t have rights back then, but we had work. Now we have rights, but you can’t feed..

10.11.23 14:45 |

Bessarabian Bulgarians from “Rodolubets”: What Bulgaria needs is a declaration of love

The “Rodolubets” (Patriot) almanac is a collection of texts by compatriots of ours – Bulgarians in other countries, living in the regions of Bessarabia, Tavria and Crimea. But it is so much more than just a green-coloured book because it gives..

07.11.23 12:45 |

Must be local, honest and well-known. These are the qualities we look for in a mayor

In the first round of local elections, only 8 of the country's regional mayors were elected. A run-off will be held on November 5 in all the remaining 19 regional cities, including the three largest - Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna.  Local government is..

01.11.23 14:50 |

Sofia is now on the European city map of walking tours with sign language interpreting

The idea of young historian Viktor Topalov for city tours of Sofia attracted sociologist Vyara Gancheva from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and sign language interpreter Boris Bandev. During the tours they present historical facts,..

25.10.23 15:45 |

Prof. Budin Mihov and his world-renowned books on biochemistry and medicine

Molecular medicine, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, molecular pathology, molecular pharmacology - these are some of the topics on which prof. Budin Mihov has been working for 30 years. He humbly describes himself as a world-class scientist, and..

18.10.23 15:48 |

International White Cane Day turns the eye on the problems of blind people

The initiative to mark October 15 as White Cane Safety Day originated in the United States with a special resolution by President Lyndon Johnson. Six years later, in 1970, it was proclaimed by the President of the International Federation of the..

15.10.23 06:25 |
Photo: “Life in Protected Zones and Areas: Challenges, Conflicts, Benefits

A Bulgarian Academy of Sciences ethnographic project traces human-society-nature relations

How do we imagine our life and livelihood next to protected nature areas, and what did these nature reserves look like 100 years ago, before the institutions put any protection measures in place – this is the subject of a scientific study by a team of..

04.10.23 13:44 |

Accordionist Veronika Todorova - on the journey back home and concert life in Bulgaria

An outstanding Bulgarian woman, musician and virtuoso accordion performer has come back home, bringing all her concert activities to her homeland. This is Veronika Todorova, who for nearly 20 years has been building a successful career as a conductor..

01.10.23 09:05 |