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Check which are Bulgaria’s best mountain huts in 2023

More than 25,000 Bulgarians voted in the Mountain Hut of the Year, 2023 contest which closed a few days ago. More than 70 huts and shelters, located in some of the most beautiful parts of Bulgaria’s mountains, vied for the prestigious award. The..

updated on 12/11/23 10:20 AM

Snow-covered Pamporovo anticipates the opening of the ski season

The snow cover in Bulgaria's Pamporovo ski resort is about 20 cm and the snowfall continues, reported the Mountain Rescue Service.  The minimum temperature measured on the morning of December 8 under Mount Rozhen is -6 Celsius. If the low..

published on 12/8/23 10:28 AM
Rumen Draganov

There are huge differences in tourist prices for the holiday season, Rumen Draganov says

“We should stick to the 2022 holiday season budgets. There is no reason to pay more during the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays,” said Rumen Draganov, Director of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism in an interview with the..

published on 11/30/23 11:48 AM
Rumen Draganov

Bulgarian tourism expects a strong winter season

European and global tourism grew by 3.7%. Bulgaria performs well in this segment. The new winter season is expected to repeat last year's occupancy. There will even be a small increase, Rumen Draganov, Director at the Institute for Analysis and..

published on 11/28/23 12:17 PM

Bulgaria presents its opportunities for year-round health tourism in ‎Austria

The opportunities for year-round health tourism in Bulgaria were presented in ‎Austria , with the emphasis being placed on medical/SPA and wellness ‎destinations. The event was held with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of ‎Tourism and with the..

published on 11/23/23 3:30 PM
Baba Vida Fortress

History, wine and nature - Vidin as an attractive destination for cruise trips

“ Discover Baba Vida Fortress, the largest preserved medieval castle in Bulgaria. Alternatively, visit a local home for a demonstration of making traditional Bulgarian yogurt and banitsa pastry. " This is how one the leading..

published on 11/20/23 2:35 PM

Gyullek waterfall – the magnificent “secret” tucked away in the Eastern Rhodopes

In a breathtakingly beautiful corner of the Rhodope Mountain there rises a veritable wonder of nature – the Gyullek waterfall. Few people are even aware that it is there, as it is very much off the beaten track. But more and more tourists have..

published on 11/18/23 8:45 AM

Without expectations yet satisfied - Sofia sees growth in weekend tourists

Foreign tourists in Sofia have increased by 19% since the time before the Covid crisis, reported the Sofia Municipality. But we do not need statistics to convince ourselves of the growing foreign interest in the Bulgarian capital - it is enough to walk..

published on 11/14/23 11:54 AM

Bulgaria and Greece agree on joint activities in tourism in Thessaloniki

Bulgaria and Greece signed a Program for joint activities in the tourism sector for 2024-2026 , Bulgaria's Ministry of Tourism announced.  The agreement was signed before the official opening of the international tourism exhibition "Philoxenia" 2023..

published on 11/13/23 12:05 PM

Bulgaria promoted as cultural and wine tourism destination at World Travel Market in London

Bulgaria is presented as a year-round tourist destination during the 43rd edition of the World Travel Market (WTM) – a leading international tourism exhibition, which takes place from November 6 to 8, 2023 in London. This..

published on 11/7/23 11:15 AM