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Twice as many foreigners choose Bulgaria for adventure tourism

Twice as many foreign tourists from different countries are arriving in Bulgaria for adventure tourism this summer compared to last year. "The season is shaping up to be a really good one," said Lyubomir Popyordanov, chairman of the Mountains and..

published on 8/20/23 1:58 PM

New artistic illumination highlights the beauty of Old Plovdiv

The architectural and historical reserve Old Plovdiv now has brand new lighting – garland lights under the eaves of its Revival-time houses. The new street lighting is a donation by businessmen who say they hope it will be an eye-catching addition to the..

published on 8/20/23 7:10 AM

More than half a million foreign tourists have come to Bulgaria in June

Back in May, the Ministry of Tourism predicted a record summer tourist season, but so far that has not been the case. Even though there were overnight stays by more than half a million tourists in the country in June, generating revenue of over EUR 81..

published on 8/19/23 8:05 AM

Exhibition in Burgas immerses visitors in the secrets of Ancient Egypt

The city of Burgas welcomes an exhibition dedicated to Ancient Egypt , the Municipality of Burgas has announced. The exhibition can be seen at the Burgas Congress Center from August 18 to September 19. The opening ceremony will be attended by the..

published on 8/18/23 7:25 AM

The oldest lighthouse on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast opens its doors to visitors

The oldest and highest lighthouse on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - the one in Shabla, is opening its doors to visitors. The event is being held on the occasion of the International Day of Lighthouses on August 18 (Friday) between 10.00 and 16.00. The..

published on 8/18/23 6:15 AM

Chapel inhabited by fish and mermaid on the sea bottom - underwater adventures near Primorsko

The so-called "Crocodiles" area near the Black Sea town of Primorsko is a magnet for thrill seekers. In the summer, this is where the underwater adventure of amateur divers starts with the help of experienced instructors. A necessary..

published on 8/16/23 3:15 PM

"Where Strandzha mountain meets the sea" - Tsarevo is promoting its beauty

A new video looks at the culture and history of the settlements in the Tsarevo ‎region and‏  ‏invites us to visit the place "where the mountain Strandzha meets ‎the sea, but also where history has left its rich imprint", we learn from the ‎Facebook..

published on 8/11/23 1:35 PM

China lifts bans on group tours to Bulgaria

China has lifted pandemic-era restrictions on group tours to Bulgaria and other key markets such as the US, Japan, South Korea and Australia, the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism said. The decision takes effect immediately. Travel..

published on 8/10/23 12:30 PM

Nursery for birds, floating islands, museum and eco-trail - welcome to the Srebarna Reserve

We find ourselves at one edge of Bulgaria, very close to the city of Silistra, where the Danube leaves the territory of the country and continues through Romania to flow into the Black Sea. Only 17 km from the northernmost Bulgarian city, the air is..

published on 8/9/23 2:08 PM

Stargazing in and around Kamen Bryag

As of this summer, tourists coming to Kamen Bryag village, in the Northern portion of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, will be able to watch the stars from a modern astronomical observatory outside the village hall. The observatory has an automated..

updated on 8/7/23 2:34 PM